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Speech & Language

If you are worried about any aspect of your child’s speech, please speak to your child’s class teacher regarding your concerns. They will then be able to discuss possible activities and strategies with you that could be used to support your child at home and at school with their speech.

In some circumstances, the school may advise you to access specialist support from a speech therapist who, if it is felt appropriate, will provide you and your child a number of targets to work on at home to support your child with their speech. The school is committed to work with you in supporting your child in successfully completing these targets.

Referring pupils to the speech therapy service

The school will complete a referral form which, after it has been signed by parents, will be sent to the speech and language therapy service. Once the referral has been improved, you will be sent a letter by the service inviting yourself and your child to meet with a speech therapist for an initial assessment.

At the bottom of this page is a document which outlines the Top 10 Activities to support speech and language development in children.