Aiming High Learning for Life


Science is a core aspect of the curriculum. We live in an increasingly scientific and technological age where children need to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes to prepare them for life in the 21st century. We, at Putnoe Primary School, believe that the teaching of science develops an interest and curiosity in children about the world in which they live and fosters a respect for the environment. Through working scientifically, children are encouraged to develop an enquiring mind; this involves participating in:

  • investigations
  • observations
  • questioning
  • making predictions

We use a variety of teaching and learning styles in our science lessons. Wherever possible, opportunities will be provided to develop skills and gain understanding of scientific concepts through first-hand experience in a climate that encourages curiosity, perseverance, reflection and co-operation. Children get the opportunity to work in our Science Laboratory as well as our Environmental Area: they work together as a class and in groups to develop their skills of co-operation.

Through Pupil Voice, we encourage our children to be a Science Technician; this gives them the opportunity to voice their views to ensure our science is child centred.

Curriculum Adaptations for September 2020/2021

The long-term plan has been adapted so that children are ‘Covid Safe’.  To maintain teaching within classes and minimal movement throughout the school, the Science Laboratory is no longer being used. All learning is taking place in the classroom or outside when required. When using science equipment, this will be placed into the required 72 hours quarantine so children are working in a ‘Covid Safe’ environment.

Previously, our Science Technicians would meet at least once every half term. This was so children could share what was being taught in their classrooms and make suggestions on how we could make improvements. Due to ‘Covid 19’, technicians will no longer be able to gather together but they will still play a vital role within their class. Each half term, they will receive an email from myself, sometimes questioning children about their Science lessons and other times taking the lead in sharing the latest news. Science Technicians will continue to help the teacher where possible during lessons, keeping their distance and they will be fantastic role models to others.