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Putnoe Justice Squad

What is the Putnoe Justice Squad?

We are a group of children who believe that we need to stand up for injustices in our world. We were inspired to make our group when we learnt about suffragettes and their fight for women to be able to vote 100 years ago.  We decided that we need to do the same and stand up for what we believe in, which above all is equality.

We meet every Tuesday after school, to discuss our ideas and put our plans in to action. We always have new ways in which we want to share our ideas and make a difference.

What have we achieved?

We have written to the Prime Minister about the gender pay gap, we have spoken to our local MP, Mohammed Yasin and written a number of other letters to more important people. We have visited local museums and been part of an exhibition all about inspirational women in Bedford. We have also featured in our local newspaper and on the local BBC Look East news.

Our aspirations

We are now planning to raise money for the Malala fund. This is a charity which enables girls to attend school around the world when they may not have been able to before. We have a number of ideas to help with this fundraising so watch this space.