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Putnoe Justice Squad

What is the Putnoe Justice Squad?

We are a group of children who believe that we need to stand up for injustices in our world. We were inspired to make our group when we learnt about suffragettes and their fight for women to be able to vote 100 years ago.  We decided that we need to do the same and stand up for what we believe in, which above all is equality.

We meet every Tuesday after school, to discuss our ideas and put our plans in to action. We always have new ways in which we want to share our ideas and make a difference.

What have we achieved?

We have written letters to important people like Theresa May (former prime minister), Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex), Bedford’s local MP, Serena Williams, Newsround and Malala Yousafzai- activist for female education.

We met with the local MP to discuss safe schools, we had a cake sale to raise money for a statue of Amy Walmsley in Bedford and we shared the importance of children’s rights.  In addition to this, we researched about Sierra Leone and their healthcare and raised money for the WE Charity by holding an inspirational people day.

Our aspirations

We are planning to hold a Walk for Water to raise awareness about water around the world and the people that don’t have enough, we are also attending a WE Day on the 4th March 2020.