Aiming High Learning for Life


Below are a selection of the school’s policies. You can view them online or download them. If there is a school policy that you would like to read, but is not available below, please contact that school via the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

If you would like to translate these documents, please click here to access Google Translate.

  1. Accessibility Plan (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  2. Admissions Policy (2019-2020).pdfDownload
  3. Admissions Policy (2020-2021).pdfDownload
  4. Anti-Bullying Policy (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  5. Attendance & Registration Policy (2018-2019).pdfDownload
  6. Attendance & Registration Policy (For Parents) (2018-2019).pdfDownload
  7. Behaviour & Discipline Policy (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  8. British Values Policy (2018-2019).pdfDownload
  9. Charging & Remission Of Charges Policy (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  10. Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  11. Complaints Procedure Policy (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  12. Complaints Procedure Policy - Flow Chart (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  13. Early Years Policy (2018-2019).pdfDownload
  14. Educational Visits Policy (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  15. Exclusion Policy (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  16. Freedom of Information Policy (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  17. GDPR Data Protection Policy (2019-2020).pdfDownload
  18. Health & Safety Policy (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  19. Inclusion Policy (2015-2016).pdfDownload
  20. Letting Policy (2014-2015).pdfDownload
  21. Letting Request Form (2014-2015).pdfDownload
  22. Library Policy (2015-2016).pdfDownload
  23. Premises Management (Fire Safety) (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  24. Pupil Premium Policy (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  25. School Health Policy (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  26. SEND Policy (2018-2019).pdfDownload
  27. Social Media Accounts Policy (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  28. SRE Policy (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  29. Staff Code Of Conduct Policy (2016-2017).pdfDownload
  30. Uniform Policy (2019-2020).pdfDownload
  31. Whisteblowing Policy (2017-2018).pdfDownload
  32. Educational Jargon.pdfDownload