Aiming High Learning for Life


At Putnoe Primary School, each class has regular PE lessons - a minimum of 2 hours a week - in the sports hall or outside on the playground or field, depending upon the weather.  PE is important in the development of physical control, mental alertness and personal confidence.  It also helps children to learn to share, compete and work together. At Putnoe, we place great importance on the development of children’s physical education.  We aim to ensure that all children experience a range of competitive and non-competitive sports, developing the skills and ability to enjoy physical activity, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education in Key Stage 1 includes learning fundamental skills such as walking, running, skipping, hopping and jumping. By allowing the children to secure these fundamental skills early on, game play and wider skills to recognised sports becomes easier and more enjoyable. In Key Stage 2, children introduced to a variety of sports such as football, tennis, rugby, netball, rounders and cricket.

Annually, pupils in Year 5 receive swimming lessons from a qualified swimming teacher, on our school site, using a 'Pop Up Pool' during the spring term.  Additionally, some pupils in Year 6 will be offered a chance to swim if they are not able to swim the National Curriculum expectation of 25 metres by the end of Key Stage 2.

Our PE offer will continue to involve local competitions and tournaments, offering a wide range of opportunities for all children.  It will also include annual sports days, one of which will be held at Bedford Athletics Stadium and a sports week when parents and carers will be able to encourage their children in this area of the curriculum. This week will include aerobics and use of the air-track, provided by a local gymnastics club.

During PE lessons, children need a school PE kit and appropriate trainers (more details can be found on the uniform page)  Children with pierced ears must be able to remove and replace their stud earrings themselves; if they are unable to do this, they must be removed before the child comes to school. The correct PE kit allows all children to be fully immersed in their PE lessons.