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Our Family Worker


My name is Gail and I am the Family Worker based in our fantastic new building that is named Hepworth within the grounds of Putnoe Primary. My role is to offer support to both children and parents who might be experiencing difficulties. I have been working and supporting families for many years now and I have been employed within Bedford for the past 9 years + so I have knowledge of many local organisations that can also offer support.

Please feel free to come and have a chat or to make an appointment to meet with me at school, or I can visit you at home. My contact details are: -

  • You can ask at the office to see if I am available or
  • You can call me direct on 01234 322051 or
  • You can call me or text me on my work mobile, which is 07716 855 719

At the bottom of this page, there are a range of documents, including:

  • A document that explains the meaning behind some educational 'jargon' that is used
  • Information on CHUMS, a charity that supports the mental health and well-being of young children
  • Information on FACES, an organisation that support children and families with a befriending service. 
  • A government documents linked to the safeguarding and welfare of children
  • A booklet on Bedford's volunteer service
  • Information on a 'Dad's Group' to support those caring for children with disabilities and additional needs
  • A Triple P leaflet to support parents and children experiencing separation or divorce and another one about Early Help they can offer
  • A family lives poster and leaflet
  • Some information on an 'online parents together course'
  • Details of a 'Level 1 Childcare Programme'
  • A poster from FACES
  • Information on a fully-funded TA and Childcare course run by The Bedford College Group
  • Details on support that can be offered from Aquarius, including drug and alcohol support and drop in services they offer
  • Four information sheets from Bedford Borough Council regarding Early Years, Prevent & Control, Safeguarding & Prevent and Teaching Assistant training
  • Two pages that give details on weight management support
  • Two information posters from CHUMS; one giving information on how to build resilience in the Early Years and the other about a Sleep Workshop
  • A flyer from the Bedford Women's Centre about the support they can offer
  • Information about some online training that is planned around support that can be given to children and young people with their emotional wellbeing
  • Two CAHMS posters about support they can offer for people with eating disorders and/or low moods
  • An NHS leaflet about a child and adolescent emotional wellbeing programme
  • A flyer from the Holiday Activities & Food Programme run by Bedford Borough Council
If you would like more information on the Bedfordshire and Luton Recovery College, please click here to see their Autumn Prospectus.

This is updated regularly so please keep coming back and check the site.

‚ÄčI really hope to meet with you soon.


  1. Educational Jargon.pdfDownload
  2. Keeping Children Safe In Education.pdfDownload
  3. CHUMS.pdfDownload
  4. FACES Services.pdfDownload
  5. Working Together To Safeguard Children.pdfDownload
  6. Bedford Volunteer Service.pdfDownload
  7. Wellbeing Referral Form.pdfDownload
  8. Young Carers Referral Form.pdfDownload
  9. Leave During The School Year (Planned).pdfDownload
  10. Leave During The School Year (Unplanned).pdfDownload
  11. Dads Group.jpgDownload
  12. Triple P Family Transitions Postcard.pdfDownload
  13. Triple P Early Help.pdfDownload
  14. Family Lives Helpline Poster.pdfDownload
  15. Family Lives Volunteer Service Leaflet.pdfDownload
  16. Online Parents Together Course.pdfDownload
  17. Safeguarding - Domestic Abuse Notification System Letter.pdfDownload
  18. Level 1 Childcare Programme.pdfDownload
  19. FACES Safe Hands Poster.pdfDownload
  20. TA & Childcare Course.pdfDownload
  21. Aquarius Drop In Poster.pdfDownload
  22. Aquarius Referral Info Poster.pdfDownload
  23. Bedford Borough Council - Early Years.pdfDownload
  24. Bedford Borough Council - Prevent & Control.pdfDownload
  25. Bedford Borough Council - Safeguarding & Prevent.pdfDownload
  26. Bedford Borough Council - Teaching Assistant.pdfDownload
  27. Weight Management Support - Page 1 of 2.pdfDownload
  28. Weight Management Support - Page 2 of 2.pdfDownload
  29. Resiliency Poster.pdfDownload
  30. Sleep Workshop.pdfDownload
  31. Bedford Women's Centre Flyer.pdfDownload
  32. Low Mood & Self-Harm Webinars.pdfDownload
  33. CAMHS - Eating Disorders.pdfDownload
  34. CAMHS - Low Mood.pdfDownload
  35. NHS Child & Adolescent Emotional Wellbeing.pdfDownload
  36. HAF Easter Flyer.pdfDownload