Aiming High Learning for Life


Placed at the heart of the school, the library’s mission is to create confident, enthusiastic readers and engage children in life-long learning. The importance of reading for pleasure has been well documented; reading unlocks a world of knowledge and learning, and when children read for pleasure, they build their knowledge and vocabulary, develop spelling and punctuation skills, increase empathy and improve wellbeing. We aim to foster and instil a love of reading for pleasure in all our pupils. The information below explains how we aim to achieve this.
Our library has close to 6000 printed resources. We have a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books which support the school curriculum and reflect the diverse world we live in.
Every week pupils visit the library with their class teacher; it’s a time when they can explore the shelves independently and “lose themselves in a good book”. Guidance on how to choose a book, along with weekly book discussions, ensure pupils feel confident in choosing a book they will enjoy reading.  We also encourage them to reflect on their reading journey through verbal and written book reviews.
Induction to the library aims to develop independent library skills.  Pupils are issued with their own library account, where they can issue and return their own books, check their current loans, search for resources using the library catalogue and write book reviews.  Pupils can also access the school library catalogue, as well as their library account, from home by using the following link:
You can keep up-to-date with information and news about the school library through the library’s twitter account:


At Putnoe Primary, our aim is for all children to develop a love of reading; one that makes them 'read for pleasure'.  Please watch the video below that tells you more about this aim!



The National Literacy Trust has created its very own virtual library which can be accessed using the following link:

Library Newsletters

Mrs Brugnoli regularly publishes library newsletters which contain book reviews and recommendations as well as lots of ideas to help engage children with a love of reading.  To read these, please click on the links below: