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Helping with Hardship

New data estimates that nearly 650,000 jobs have been lost during the COVID-19 period. We are aware, from talking to families, that many of you have found it much harder to make ends meet due to changes in financial circumstances. We have seen a considerable rise in the number of children eligible for free school meals

If you think your child might now qualify for free school meals, please use the link below to access the application form for Bedford Borough.

We have submitted requests (and had these approved) to give each eligible child a £90 voucher to cover the holidays. For most children, this will arrive in the first week of the holidays. For children who have only just been made eligible to receive this finding, it may take an additional week for the national system to distribute our requests for your vouchers.

If you are successful in accessing the free school meal eligibility during the holiday period, we will make our own arrangements to support you as the national system is not taking any more voucher requests after today. We will contact you to arrange a suitable method of you receiving your voucher in this case.

We will have some capacity to issue foodbank vouchers for a limited number of families. Please e-mail me directly to request these using the main school e-mail address: