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In French, children follow a programme that has a strong phonic focus, supported by sound files and video clips to aid pronunciation. They complete sections on vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling and sentence building and games to improve language proficiency.

Lessons include the use of an iPad app to support their learning of the different areas of the curriculum.  To find out more about this software and supporting app, please watch the video below.

Curriculum Adaptations for September 2020/2021

The long-term plan for French has been adapted so that lessons are 'Covid Safe'. A large part of the French curriculum focuses on teaching new vocabulary through songs. Due to restrictions, whole class singing can no longer take place. To support this change, children will focus on developing their listening and speaking skills; children can listen and respond to the sound files. Use of the French app on iPads will still support new vocabulary taught in lessons but will be available for use by year groups who have allocated class sets of iPads and where iPads have been assigned to individual children. Devices are cleaned before and after use. All interactive games and activities will be demonstrated by the teacher only and no practical resources will be shared between pupils..