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Fluency relates to a child’s ability to read a text correctly, quickly and with expression. Children don’t have to stop to decode each word as most of the words can be read automatically.

We use a range of strategies in school to develop and teach fluency, as follows:

  • Paired or buddy reading – children take turns reading aloud, whilst the other parented follows with their finger.
  • Echo reading – an expert reader (usually the teacher or another fluent adult) reads a sentence with expression and good pace and volume. The child copies this exactly and practises until it sounds the same as the expert reader.
  • Re-reading known text – as children become familiar wit has text they will read it much more fluently as they will recognise the words more easily. Children are encouraged to read a text at least twice, and will be asked to identify any words that are slowing them down so that these can be explored further.