Aiming High Learning for Life


Our mission is to help all pupils delight in achievement.  To support this, we have designed an art curriculum that is delivered in a ‘state of the art’ art room.  We have planned our art curriculum and resourced it to give our children creative learning experiences that are second to none.

We believe our children will prosper and are more likely to know what they want to learn, and how to learn it, if they experience a curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them.  For this reason, we have devised a set of principles which map out children’s basic entitlement to the arts as they move through each Key Stage.

We believe art is intrinsically linked to all other subjects within the arts and for this reason they sit at the heart of our educational thinking.

In art, we aim to evaluate outstanding practice and we acknowledge that the best arts and cultural education can change a young person’s sense of the wider world around them opening up possibilities for their future that may have previously seemed out of their grasp.

It is through our music, our literature, our art, drama and dance that we tell the story of our past and we express our hopes for the future. Artists give our pupils the gift of their magnificent example – showing that if they dream big enough, work hard enough and believe in themselves, they can achieve some uncommon things in their lifetime.