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Michael Rosen Workshop

To celebrate National Poetry Day, we enjoyed a fabulous online session with famous author and poet Michael Rosen.  Take a read of what Hogarth children thought of this event!

On Thursday 7th October, at 11am, children across the school enjoyed a live online experience with Michael Rosen to celebrate National Poetry Day.

Throughout this event, classes engaged in a wide-variety of interactive activities with this inspiring author, including poems which had gestures and others that had to be repeated after him.  He even taught us his baby rap!

One fantastic part of his performance was the hilarious stories he retold.  It was fascinating finding out about the childhood games he played with his brother and the practical jokes they did.  He also told us of an old teacher that he once had who wouldn’t let children breath in the classroom!

Michael shared many writing tips to help us write poems.  His main message was to make sure you read a lot, use your imagination and consider features such as repetition and similes.  He told use about a website called Rhyme Zone which he uses to find silly words that can be used together to make people laugh!

We all a brilliant time listening to him and learnt lots and lots!