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Coronavirus Updates (29.6.2020)

An new update has been posted on the coronavirus news webpage regarding this outbreak.  Please click on the article headline above to open this page.  Alternatively, you can view it online in the 'Latest Parent Update' page on our COVID-19 section of the website.

We recognise that many of you will be concerned about coronavirus and the implications and impact on your children. Some families, in particular, may be unclear on the possible impact on the 2020 exam series i.e. SATs. Our advice at this time is to continue to prepare for assessments as normal. These preparations will be adapted if schools are forced to close in the second phase of the national response to the virus.
We continue to work closely with the Local Authority and the Department for Education to ensure we have planned for a range of scenarios, as you would expect. Our overriding priority is to ensure your children are safe and that we keep disruption to a minimum.
In the event of a school closure, regular updates will be posted on the school website. Work and activities for your child will be e-mailed to the e-mail addresses you have provided to the school office. Further details of this process will be shared in the eventuality of a closure.
The guidance to schools remains relatively unchanged. Personal hygiene, particularly washing hands regularly, remains the most valuable strategy for reducing the spread of the virus. More specific guidance can be viewed in the attached document.
Daily updates from the government can be viewed via the following link:
  1. Coronavirus Advice.pdfDownload
  2. Coronavirus Parent Update 16-03-2020.pdfDownload
  3. Coronavirus Parent Update 19-03-2020.pdfDownload
  4. Coronavirus Parent Update 19-03-2020 - Key Workers.pdfDownload
  5. Coronavirus Parent Update 20-03-2020 - Key Worker Confirmation.pdfDownload
  6. Coronavirus Parent Update 20-03-2020 - Key Worker Next Steps.pdfDownload
  7. Coronavirus Parent Update 20-03-2020 - Updates (FSM, Provision, Timings, Breakfast & After Hours).pdfDownload
  8. Coronavirus Parent Update 23-03-2020 - Update.pdfDownload
  9. Coronavirus Parent Update 24-03-2020 - Update.pdfDownload
  10. Coronavirus Parent Update 27-03-2020 - Update.pdfDownload
  11. Coronavirus Parent Update 31-03-2020 - Update.pdfDownload
  12. Coronavirus Parent Update 16-04-2020 - Update.pdfDownload
  13. Residential Update 17-04-2020.pdfDownload
  14. Coronavirus Parent Update 24-04-2020 - Update.pdfDownload
  15. Coronavirus Parent Update 05-05-2020 - Key Worker Confirmation.pdfDownload
  16. Coronavirus Parent Update 12-05-2020 - Update.pdfDownload
  17. Coronavirus Parent Update 15-05-2020 - Key Worker Confirmation.pdfDownload
  18. Coronavirus Parent Update 20-05-2020.pdfDownload
  19. Coronavirus Parent Update 22-05-2020 FAQs.pdfDownload
  20. Coronavirus Parent Update 27-05-2020 Update.pdfDownload
  21. Coronavirus Parent Update 10-06-2020.pdfDownload
  22. Coronavirus Parent Update 29-06-2020.pdfDownload
  23. Children's Centre Support.pdfDownload
  24. Think-U-Know Primary Parents Helpsheet.pdfDownload
  25. Playing Actively In & Around The Home.pdfDownload
  26. Non-screen Activities.pdfDownload
  27. Parent Medical Advice - COVID.pdfDownload
  28. Online Learning Resources.pdfDownload