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WE Day Celebration

Find out how the Putnoe Justice Squad celebrated WE Day.

On Wednesday 4th March, Putnoe Justice Squad were lucky enough to attend the WE day event at Wembley arena. Although it meant a very early start, we had a brilliant day. We were able to listen to a variety of inspirational speakers, talented musicians and learn more about how we can make an impact through social action. We were very excited about seeing some famous faces on the stage too.  We are also looking forward to sharing what we have learnt and putting it into practice. 
Here are some thoughts about the day from a few of our members:
"I learnt to never give up on my dreams and keep going and climb my way up the mountain."
"I learnt that we are all human with our own hopes and dreams. I loved learning about how different people have achieved wonderful things in their life. All these people make me want to do more to help our society."
Nikita and Heidi
"We learnt that even the tiniest bit of help can change the world. We saw Jamie Oliver and Lewis Hamilton and A few more people like Jennifer Anniston in a video. We also learnt that we can change the world."
"I learnt that we should all be kind, have fun and treat each other equally. We saw famous people such as Idris Elba and Gwendoline Christie talk about motivational things. Such as how to keep a positive mental health and how to make others happy. We took part in 6 different missions through the day as superheroes of change. I enjoyed the ‘We are Community’, ‘We are Global’ and ‘We are our Earth Missions’. It was lots of fun."
To see photos of this event, please click here.