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Mathematics is an important area of the curriculum and it is vital that children should not only learn and understand the processes, but also be able to apply them in everyday situations.  All pupils follow a daily mathematics programme that includes regular oral and mental work and emphasis is placed on learning mental strategies to solve number problems.

We use a variety of apparatus and materials to support and extend the children’s learning experiences in number, shape and space, measure and data handling.  Importance is placed on practical approach supported by mathematical discussion, with opportunities for individual, partner and group investigative work.

Teachers plan and organise mathematical activities to match the different needs and abilities of their pupils.  Parents can boost their children’s mathematical confidence in a number of ways at home: counting songs and rhymes, board and computer games, shopping and handling money, help with learning number bonds/tables and mathematics homework are just a few.

Below are a selection of links to a variety of mathematics website that will help your child with their learning!  Please note the links will open in a new window.

At the bottom of the page there the school's Calculation Policy which outlines the methods children are taught in Mathematics from the Early Years to Year 6.

My Maths (Login: Putnoe; Password: divide)

Key Stage 1

BBC Bitesize


ICT Games

Maths Champs

Mental Maths Boot Camp

Key Stage 2



Mental Maths 1

Mental Maths 2

Mental Maths Boot Camp

Perimeter & Angle

Pie Charts



Reading Scales 1

Reading Scales 2

Reading Scales 3

Rotation, Reflection & Transformation

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