Aiming High Learning for Life


All pupils follow a daily English programme, which includes the teaching of reading, phonics for reading and spelling, grammar, handwriting and vocabulary development.

Listening and Speaking

It is important that all children become good listeners and effective communicators and that they are able to work within a group to listen carefully, share, report and discuss events and topics together.  The National Curriculum places great importance on these skills. At Putnoe Primary School we carefully plan a daily programme of activities, which promote and extend these important skills for each child.


Reading is fundamental to learning and we aim to help children become confident readers who are able to understand and apply their skill and enjoy reading for the rest of their lives. We teach reading through a multi-sensory approach developing story telling, prediction, sight vocabulary and an understanding of letter patterns. A six -phase teaching programme is used to teach reading and spelling.

We involve parents in our “shared reading” approach. This gives an opportunity for parents and teachers to work together to help children develop the essential skills of reading. Laptops and software to support the reading scheme are used to develop higher order reading skills.


The School provides a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. Each class has a timetabled session in the library where they are taught library and study skills. The children are able to borrow books from the school library. From the very beginning of school life the children are encouraged to choose their own books to “read” to their parents and to their teacher. Books are taken home and parents are guided as to how to approach reading with their child.

Writing and handwriting

Factual and creative writing is developed throughout the school. The skills of handwriting are developed and cursive script is taught early in our pupil’s schooling. We believe that this assists our pupils to write quickly, confidently and clearly at an early stage and also helps to develop good spelling skills.


Skills are developed through the systematic teaching of spelling rules and are consolidated with a look, cover, write, check method and we encourage parents to help with spellings, which are sent regularly for the child to learn at home.

To support your child with your English learning, there are two links below that you may find useful.  The first is Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 'Boot Camp', which the children can use to improve  their spelling; the second is a Literacy 'Boot Camp' which can be used to learn and revise lots of different text or sentence level objectives.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Boot Camp

Literacy Boot Camp

Below are two videos; one is from the Department for Education and demonstrates how to articulate phonemes, vowels and consonants taught during phonics lessons. The other tells you about the schools new 'Bug Club' reading scheme, where children can read online texts in school and at home.

Bug Club is an online reading scheme for children to use and develop their reading and reading comprehension. The site can be accessed by clicking here. To login your child will need to enter the school's id (caqt), their initial followed by their surname (e.g. jsmith) and a password (putnoe).