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We believe that all pupils should have access to art and design which stimulates creativity and imagination, and provides visual, tactile, and sensory experiences, and a unique way of understanding and responding to the world. We do this by:

  • Giving children the opportunity to learn and develop different techniques in art, using a wide range of media.
  • Using the work of real artists as stimulation and starting points.
  • Allowing children the opportunity to develop their own art vocabulary when evaluating their own work and work of others.
  • Looking at the art work of different cultures.
  • Experiencing an annual ‘Arts Week’ where visiting artists work with the children.
  • Exhibiting children’s work in frames around the school and in the local community.
  • Annually visiting the local Art Gallery and developing links with The National Gallery by taking part regularly in ‘Take One Picture’.
  • A wide range of extra curricular art clubs for both key stages.
  1. Art - Programme Of Study